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Jeff Morgan

Anoka Technical College

Course assignments:

  • EMS - Emergency Medical Services


I currently work for a large Metro service as a Paramedic in the Twin Cities area, but my full-time job is EMS instructor for Anoka Technical College. I have also been a firefighter/paramedic for 10 years in the state of Minnesota.

The most exciting thing about my career is the challenge that each day brings. There is never a single day that is the same and I can meet new people every day. Being able to bring some calm to a potentially chaotic day is a very good feeling and one that gets me up and ready for work.

The EMT course and job will require that you focus on people and skills. Learning the knowledge up front and being comfortable with what to do will make the situations you are in easier and better for all involved. Be the best human you can and you will succeed.

People may be surprised that I am also a pilot.