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Courtney Gbolo


Minneapolis College

Course assignments

  • Introduction to Urban Education and Reflective Practice
  • Multicultural Approaches to Education

The 2023/24 school year will be my 17th year of teaching, the last 9 years being with Saint Paul Public Schools. My current role is with Saint Paul Public Schools Career Pathway department where I am helping develop opportunities for SPPS students to explore the field of Education.

There are many exciting things about the field of Education. I believe the most important/exciting thing about the field of Education is making a lasting impact in the community.

Advice I have for students is to engage in your learning and be a part of your classroom community. We learn a lot by being in community with one another, be open to having conversations that will expand your mind/thinking.

I have three amazing kids, I played 4 years of college softball & I love to travel.