Program Planning Resources

Academic Program Proposals require:

  • Student Interest data (liberal arts and technical/professional programs)
  • Labor Market Analysis (technical/professional programs)

Definition: a 9 to 16-credit undergraduate certificate

The Expedited Undergraduate Certificate application form requires that evidence be presented documenting a near-term training need defined as having to offer the program within the current or next semester. It responds to a need requested by employer(s), workforce centers, or other entities and does not require other labor market information or evidence of student interest.

Expedited Approval for Certificate Programs
Type Unnecessary Duplication Situation Notice of Intent Approval Conditions Request to Extend
A Another college/university offers a similar program in the geographic service area 5 days Program can be offered for one or more cohorts within a 12-month period from start of the first cohort. Submit a new program application
B There are no similar programs in the geographic area Not required No conditions Not applicable