Online Learning Resource Center (OLRC) for CTE

Online Learning Instructional Content for Business Secondary Educators


Accounting Principles: A Business Perspective
FREE - Open source accounting principles textbook with an overview of what accountants do and what employment opportunities are available. Includes extensive exercises on performing standard acounting activities.

Virtual resources for teaching accounting.

Financial Accounting
FREE - Open source financial accounting textbook designed for an undergraduate or MBA course, with end of chapter exercises. Content covers the importance of financial accounting, how an organization prepares a financial statement, and detailed analysis of key financial statement content.

FREE - Provides personal finance literacy curriculum, and a link to a clearinghouse of resources for educators interested in implementing a program on personal finance. A financial literacy class, Spending & Saving, is available as a professional development course.

Khan Academy: Accounting and financial statements
FREE - Khan Academy presents lessons in video format, covering cash and accrual accounting, financial statements, and depreciation and amortization. Basic exercises included.

Agriculture Business STEM Construction Communications Manufacturing

FREE - EDpuzzle offers a standard, safe learning tool used to place interactive content from video lessons (YouTube, TED, or custom). Content can be personalized, and access requires a login.

Business and Marketing

FEE - Standards based curriculum designed to prepare entrepreneurs for business ventures. Courses include General Business, Accounting, Personal Finance, Entrepreneurship, and Marketing - Free Trial available to instructors.

FREE to educators - Courses are designed for students to learn skills beyond the classroom. Interactive topics range from personal finance to mental health and well being, and are available in multiple languages.

FEE - Standards aligned CTE courses in business, marketing and finance, as well as career, agriculture, health, IT, construction, transportation and architecture. Fully customizable courses with multimedia lessons and support materials.

MBA Research
FREE - business curriculum standards aligned coursework - includes business, marketing, entrepreneurship, ethical leadership and finance topics, with a FEE for end of course assessments. Extensive on-line learning for business administration educators.

Business reading,writing and other soft skill development. Videos, hands-on activities and printable worksheets. Great for digital learning and integrates with most LMSs.

Business courses for entrepreneurship education.


Virtual Enterprises International
FREE - 6-12 coursework on developing technical competence in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, as well as technical research, communication, problem solving and critical thinking. Projects and materials further develop these business competencies, and help students identify career pathways.


Personal Finance curriculum for all ages.


Claritas Prizm
Claritas PRIZM offers a cool Zip Code Lookup tool and market segments based on consumer behavior, geographic, and demographic data to help students better understand market segmentation.

DECA direct digital classroom
FREE - Access to resources for teaching marketing, ethics and personal and mental health topics. Some include student handouts, instructor guides and PowerPoint materials. Resources section contains a link to the ACTE & MaxKnowledge site, which has extensive fee based content for CTE instructors, on delivering desigining, engaging and assessing CTE coursework.

Marketing Teacher
Marketing offers an abundance of high-quality marketing lessons, videos, resources, and examples for teachers, students, and professionals.

Marketing, Business and Personal Finance

Simulation, videos lectures and engaging activities.

Social Media

Aquilla Educational Resources
Curriculum for teaching marketing and social media.

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