Section 3 - State Plan, Vision, Mission, and Strategic Directions

Perkins V Program Overview

In November 2018, a working group consisting of Minnesota State and MDE staff, Minnesota Association for Career and Technical Education (MNACTE), Minnesota Association for Career and Technical Administrators (MACTA) representatives, and selected consortium leaders developed a new vision, mission, and strategic directions for CTE in Minnesota.

The Minnesota 4-Year State Plan incorporates this guidance and provides direction for use of funds in secondary, postsecondary, and adult education programs.

Minnesota's Vision for Career and Technical Education

Advancing career and technical education empowers every learner to realize a rewarding career. 


Quality career and technical education ensures every learner has equitable access to career-connected learning through a network of knowledgeable partners. 


We are committed to ensuring: 

  • An equity lens for decision making 
  • Inclusion of all stakeholders 
  • Being bold, innovative, and focused on continuous improvement 
  • Responsiveness to the evolving labor market 

The vision, mission, and principles are in alignment with the state’s WIOA strategic vision, goals, and strategies. This underscores the partnership between the state agencies who are partners in this workforce development space. 

Strategic Direction

The following strategic directions provide a clear path forward for CTE in Minnesota. Each of the strategic directions listed below features subcategories that fall within the scope of that strategic direction. Work groups were established to address and promote issues within each of the strategic directions.

Advancing Career and Technical Education 

  • Comprehensive Local Needs Assessment 
  • Accountability 
  • Outreach 
  • Awareness and communication 

Career-Connected Learning 

  • Career pathways 
  • Programs of study 
  • Career preparation 
  • Work-based learning 

Integrated Network 

  • Business and industry 
  • State and federal programs; state agencies 
  • Educational partners 
  • Consortia/Minnesota State/MDE 

Equity and Inclusion 

  • Service partnerships 
  • Providing resources 
  • Data/data management 

Knowledgeable Experts 

  • Professional development/technical assistance 
  • Licensure preparation programs 
  • Mentor/mentee relationships 
  • Consortia leadership 

The five strategic directions developed by Minnesota State, MDE and the full planning team were validated by stakeholder groups and will continue to direct the work of the Perkins V plan. These work groups designed and implemented the framework, structure and guidance for the initial submission of the state 4-year plan as well as preparing and supporting the local applicants.