CTE Leadership Development Initiatives

We've developed several leadership initiatives for Career and Technical Education teachers, faculty, administrators, and consortium leaders. Select an initiative below to see what webinars, meetings, and presentations are available to help you.

Modeled after the ACTE Leadership Training Program, this mentor/mentee program focuses on critical information and strategies to help new leaders succeed.  The Perkins Coordinator Mentor/Mentee Program assists new Perkins Coordinators with the leadership skills needed to successfully administer the Carl D. Perkins federal grant, lead or influence Rigorous Program of Study curricula, and participate in regional career pathway and other initiatives related to Career and Technical Education. 

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The System Office asks for volunteers annually to be mentors and assigns mentors to new consortium leaders.  Responsibilities of the program include the following:

  • Mentors provide a minimum of 30 hours of one-on-one mentoring with their assigned mentee; mentors are encouraged to visit mentees at their workplace at least once during the year
  • Both mentors and mentees are expected to attend face-to-face professional development meetings throughout the year conducted by System Office personnel
  • Attendance at the annual Consortia Leaders’ Meeting in October/November
  • Mentees are encouraged to attend one of three professional development conferences in the spring (MACTA Spring Conference, ACTE Regional Conference, or National Policy Seminar). Details about these events can be found at the following websites:

Mentors and mentees are awarded stipends to defray the cost of travel expenses from mentorship events. 

Additional information about the mentor/mentee program:

Karl Ohrn
Minnesota State
(651) 201-1650


Minnesota CTE leadership is offering a statewide professional development program for new or recently new career and technical education (CTE) teachers. Working with MnACTE and its affiliate organizations (MAAE, MBITE, MAFCS, MTEEA, MnACTE/SNP, & MnHOSA), state leaders will provide assistance to these new professionals. Modeled after the ACTE Leadership Training Program, this initiative will focus on critical information as well as strategies for successful implementation for new teachers the remainder of this year.

Professional development workshops sponsored by state CTE leadership and MnACTE teacher leaders will be provided in the following areas:

  • Teaching CTE in a High School or College
  • Planning & Delivering CTE Day-to-Day
  • Managing an Effective Classroom/ Lab
  • Using CTSOs to Enhance Instruction
  • Understanding Student Assessment in CTE
  • Employing Assessment Data for Instructional Improvement
  • Connecting with Advisory Committee Members


"New CTE Teacher Program Opening Event - Tuesday, August 7th, 2018"

The New Career and Technical Education (CTE) teacher program is designed to help teachers with less than four years of experience gain the knowledge and resources they need to be successful in the CTE classroom. It is ideal for new CTE teachers or teachers who are teaching CTE courses for the first time.

CTE Teachers are invited to participate in this initiative which provides opportunities to support and improve teacher confidence and collaboration.  This yearlong program’s purpose is to promote educational excellence in CTE curriculum and instruction, as well as to strengthen and retain CTE teachers in Minnesota.

The yearlong New CTE Teacher Program will focus on: 

  • Surviving and Thriving in the first years of teaching
  • Classroom strategies and resources for CTE
  • Connecting and creating partnerships
  • Online and In-Person meetings throughout the year
  • CTE Mentoring and Observing opportunities

Questions can be directed to Shelli Sowles at 651-582-8403 or shelli.sowles@state.mn.us.       

Welcome to CTE – Reflect on the Year" Webinar (Watch the Webinar

This webinar was open to all new (or recently new) CTE teachers and faculty.  It gave participants a chance to reflect on the year of (CTE) in Minnesota. 

PowerPoint Slides from May 2018 (88 KB ppt.) 

"Welcome to CTE" Webinar (Watch the Webinar)
PowerPoint slides from September 2017 (1.95 MB ppt.)

This webinar was open to all new (or recently new) CTE teachers and faculty. It gave an overview of Career & Technical Education (CTE) in Minnesota. Topics addressed included: Your First Year(s) as a Career & Technical Education (CTE) Instructor in Minnesota, and Your Role as a Instructor in Your School/College.

Upcoming Activities for New CTE Teachers
Plans are to offer several informational webinars and face-to-face meetings
  • All activities are scheduled in the late afternoon/early evening (4-5 p.m. or 5-7 p.m.).
  • If possible, professional learning groups will be encouraged in the various discipline areas.
  • Further information will be sent to all Perkins consortia leaders and MnACTE affiliate organization officers.