Employer Engagement Events (2018)

Employer Engagement Summits & Webinars (2015)

Data-Driven Improvement Training in Minnesota (2015)

Communications and Marketing (2014)

2014 Adult Pathways to Postsecondary Forums

September 25, 2014 | South Central College | Mankato, MN
November 3, 2014 | Minnesota State Community and Technical College | Detroit Lakes, MN
December 12, 2014 | North Hennepin Community College | Brooklyn Park, MN

In connection with the Pathways to Postsecondary Summits from last year, these upcoming Pathways to Postsecondary 2.0 regional forums will build the capacity of practitioners and leaders in Adult Basic Education (ABE) and higher education in their understanding of best practice in adult career pathways. For more information, contact Julie Dincau, ABE Transition Specialist, Minnesota Department of Education, julie.dincau@state.mn.us or Jessica Espinosa, Coordinator of College Transitions, Minnesota State Colleges and Universities, jessica.espinosa@so.mnscu.edu.

View the event flyer for complete details

Implementing Programs of Study (2012)

Webinar - Part II Equity in the Common Core Era for Students and Professional Learning

The webinar can be accessed asynchronously at Equity in the Common Core, Part I and Equity in the Common Core Era, Part II.  

You may also access the webinar on the website at http://glec.education.iupui.edu/  by clicking the “Learning Experiences” tab, dropdown to Webinars, and click Archived Webinars. The webinar is located at the bottom of the page. If you would like for the Center to repeat the webinar live so that you can participate, please follow the link on the webpage.

Webinar - Accountability in Effective Improvement Plans
April 1, 2014

Please join us for a follow up accountability webinar that will address continuous planning and reporting on the Perkins improvement plans.  This webinar will provide a more detailed look at current strategies and national practices for continuous improvement, equity and evaluation in the creation and implementation of effective improvement plans.  This session is for all Perkins leaders and key partners involved in Perkins planning and implementation, including counselors, college advisors and retention specialists.  

Listen to a recording of the webinar here.

Webinar Series - Nontraditional Career Pathways Program Stratgies that Work
December 2013 - April 2014

The webinars highlight practical strategies from the field that you can implement to help students succeed through effective Career and Technical Education programs.
Sponsored by the Minnesota Department of Education and Minnesota State Colleges & Universities. www.napequity.org/minnesota-webinar-series/

Webinar Sessions:

  • Males in Nontraditional Careers - Outreach, Recruitment & Retention in CTE (Career and Technical Education) Learn how to encourage and support males in careers they typically do not consider. Webinar hosted by Joan Runnheim Olson, Certified Career & Leadership Coach and owner of Pathways Career Success Strategies, LLC
  • Innovative Strategies for Meeting the Needs of Youth with Disabilities, Webinar hosted by Curtis Richards, Director, Center for Workforce Development, Institute for Educational Leadership.
  • Engage Parents to Support Nontraditional Careers – An Open Forum for Sharing Local Outreach Strategies, hosted by Dr. Jeanette Thomas, Consultant, Iowa Bureau of Adult, Career, and Community College Education.

Webinar Series - Student Services: Supporting Students in Nontraditional Careers

  • It's All in Their Heads, Not in Their Brains: Neuroscience and Nontraditional Careers, hosted by Dr. Tara Ebersole, Professor of Biology, Community College of Baltimore County
  • Females in STEM Classes & Programs of Study: Teacher Srategies to Recruit & Transition Female Students into STEM Careers, hosted by Courtney Reed Jenkins, Director of Professional Development, NAPE
  • Males in Health Occupation Programs of Study: Teacher Strategies to Recruit & Transition Male Students into Health Occupations, hosted by American Association for Men in Nursing, Johnson & Johnson's Campaign for Nursing's Future, and the Oregon Center for Nursing
  • Successful Paths to Hot Careers, Best Education & Perfect Jobs: Partnering with Parents, hosted by Dr. Jodith Harackiewicz, Professor of Psychology
  • Successful Paths to Hot Careers, Best Education & Perfect Jobs: Partnering with Business & Industry and Community Organizations, hosted by Dr. Jeff Weld, Director of Iowa Mathematics & Science Education Partrnerships & Executive Director of the Governor's STEM Advisory Council.

Gender Tune Up Part 1

Learn the tools necessary to better recruit and retain students for your nontraditional career courses and programs. (Nontraditional careers are those in which males or females are significantly underrepresented in an occupation or field of work.) Through an interactive discussion, you will be engaged in utilizing presentations, self-assessments, case studies to:

  • Examine how gender equity issues relate to career decision-making - and what you can do to even the balance.
  • Use self-studies to assess yourself, your classroom, and your school for gender equity - and learn some easy "fixes".
  • Take away strategies to increase enrollment and retain students in nontraditional classes and programs.

Go to http://tinyurl.com/Gender-Tune-Up-I to register and access the recording for the introduction to strategies to support nontraditional career students.

Gender Tune Up Part 2

During this exciting webinar you will explore how you can apply the strategies you learned through the initial Gender Tune Up webinar - and get results! Chart your path to better recruit and retain students for your nontraditional career courses or programs and walk away with ideas for an action plan designed to shift your nontraditional enrollments and retention into high gear.

Go to http://tinyurl.com/Gender-Tune-Up-II to register and access the recording for the follow up strategies to support nontraditional career students.