Technical Assistance Resources

Technical assistance is tailored guidance offered by state staff that helps consortium leaders address a specific need or question. It is delivered for a short, pre-determined amount of time via meetings (in-person, online or telephone), e-mail communication, or referral to internal or external online resources in order to help consortia address a specific issue or measurement.

Areas of available technical assistance

  • Programs of Study
  • Technical Skills Assessments
  • Consortium Administration and Leadership
  • Secondary Academic Indicators (1S2 & 1S1)
  • Non-traditional participation and completion indicators (6S1, 6S2, 5P1, 5P2)
  • Student success indicators for completion, retention, and placement (5S1, 3S1, 4S1, 2P1, 3P1, 4P1)

How to request technical assistance

If you are a college administrator, your contact is 

If you are a secondary, high school or school district administrator, your contact is

Your request will be reviewed and sent to the appropriate staff assigned to that topic area.