Technical Assistance for Secondary Academic Indicators 1S1-1S2

Perkins Consortia must meet the negotiated performance indicators required under the law by the US Department of Education. Indicators include the area of student  attainment of challenging academic content standards and student academic achievement standards in reading and language arts (1S1) and mathematics (1S2). These standards are adopted by the Minnesota Department of Education in compliance with the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA), and measured by the state determined proficient levels on the MCA’s under NCLB.

Targets are negotiated annually and Consortia must meet their targets within 90% of the agreed upon level or develop an improvement plan that must be included in their annual plan for the following year. Consortia that do not meet their negotiated targets for 3 years must request and receive technical assistance from state CTE leaders.  

Technical Assistance for Student Success Indicators might include assistance with identifying strategies for improving academic performance for CTE students in math and reading/language arts and the development of an improvement plan for these indicators. 


To request technical assistance for secondary academic indicators contact:

Requests are made by sending an e-mail to and Their contact information is below. Your request will be reviewed and sent to the appropriate staff assigned to that topic area.