2016-2017 Monthly CTE Webinars



 August 25

Perkins 101: Overview of Minnesota CTE
Jaralyn Jargo & Michelle Kamenov

 Sept. 8

Annual Performance Reports (APR) for FY16 Consortium Plans
Debra Hsu & Yingfah Thao

This recording further explains the responses and type of information required in your Annual Performance Report. It will also walk you through how to log in to your account, find your application, edit and submit your final report.

Fall Webinar Series
(Thursdays in September)

October 13

Orientation to Painless Perkins Monitoring
Presenter: Debra Hsu



CTE Works! Summit
November 16, 2016 at the Radisson Blu Hotel, Bloomington, MN
Presentations & Workshops:

 December, 2016


January 12, 2017

FY17 Leadership Development Initiative - Programs of Study Including Technical Skill Assessments
Ginny Kabowski
This webinar is part of the Perkins Leadership Development mentor/mentee initiative. This session was repeated at 10:00 am and 1:00 pm. Topics: Implementing Programs of Study & Technical Skill Assessment in your consortium; Hear from mentors about resources to use and tips for implementation.

January 12, 2017
(4:00 pm)

Welcome to CTE - New CTE Teacher Development
Ginny Karbowski
This webinar is open to all new (or recently new) CTE teachers and faculty. It will give participants an overview of career & technical education (CTE) in Minnesota. Topics include: Your First Year(s) as a Career & Technical Education (CTE) Instructor in Minnesota, and Your Role as a Instructor in Your School/College.

February 23
(1 pm)

Webinar: Writing Your CTE Perkins Plans

Presenter Debra Hsu will guide consortia leaders through the changes in the FY18 consortium forms and offer resources to help you write your plans.

 Winter Webinar Series:
ABE & CTE Partnerships

(2nd Thursdays in January & February)

January 12 – College Success Program, Lake Superior College and Duluth Adult Education
Presenters: Hanna Erpestad, Lake Superior College and Patty Fleege, Duluth Adult Education
Building on the successful Pathways to College Success Program, Lake Superior College and Duluth Adult Education greatly expanded its partnership in 2015, including an ABE Arithmetic course, integrated Read/Write instruction, ESL tutoring, and close collaboration with the college advising team, Learning Center, and Developmental Education Committee. Additionally, LSC and Duluth Adult Education co-hosted the Spring 2016 Adult Pathways to Postsecondary Forum, which led to a joined mini-grant project with two workforce agencies.

February 9 – Accelerating Developmental Mathematics Pathways for Students with College and ABE Partnerships
Presenters: Megan Breit-Goodwin, Anoka-Ramsey Community College
Anoka-Ramsey Community College, Metro North and Central MN-East Adult Basic Education partnered to develop a Pre-Algebra and Elementary Algebra co-requisite course to be co-taught by ARCC mathematics faculty and ABE educators. This work serves as an important step towards accelerating developmental mathematics trajectory of many ARCC students who enroll in Career and Technical Education programs that require college-level math literacy. Future plans for the work including evaluation, development and scaling of the course will be discussed.

March 9

Success in the New Economy (video)
Denise Felder
Objectives of Webinar
- Understand preparation needed for current and future job market

- Examine implications of promoting “college” to all students and job seekers
- Reveal importance of Career & Technical Education in US economy
- Reevaluate components of career exploration

 April 13

Financial Reporting for Perkins Plans
Michelle Kamenov & Laurie Rheault (MDE), Jeralyn Jargo & Judy Bradford (Minnesota State)

May 4

(Reschedule of Winter Webinar Series: ABE & CTE Partnerships)

A New Sorting Hat: TABE Testing and Curriculum Alignment
Melissa Lindsey, St. Cloud Technical and Community College 
In fall 2016, Saint Cloud Technical and Community College (SCTCC) and Central Minnesota Adult Basic Education Consortium (ABE) created a partnership focused on improving student placement and progress through developmental education courses for English Language Learners. Our current work centers around determining the feasibility of using TABE testing for more accurate placement, as well as the development of curriculum for a transitional ABE ESL course that will articulate with courses that SCTCC will develop over the next academic year. Join us to learn valuable lessons about creating similar partnerships with Adult Basic Education partners. 

 May 11

Motivating Students & Building Rapport
Eva Scates-Winston & Denise Felder


 No Webinar -- Summer Break


No Webinar -- Summer Break