Equity Scorecard

The Equity Scorecard is an instrumental tool for creating greater awareness of, and accountability for, equity gaps across key facets of our institutions and system which are relevant to impacting equity, diversity, and inclusion using measurable key performance indicators.

The Equity Scorecard empowers Minnesota State campus leaders to foster institutional change through data-informed decision making.

Faculty and staff can access the Equity Scorecard through OEI Connect. The Minnesota State Office of Equity and Inclusion is identifying options for making the Equity Scorecard public-facing.

Upcoming Trainings

Faculty and staff can visit the OEI Connect Calendar to view and register for upcoming Equity Scorecard trainings and other professional development opportunities. 

Previous Trainings

For recordings of previous trainings, visit the Equity Scorecard playlist in the Office of Equity and Inclusion MediaSpace Channel.

Additional Resources

Faculty and staff can find a user guide, facilitation tool, and additional resources in OEI Connect.


Tarnjeet Kang
Director of Equity Assessment

Minnesota State faculty and staff can find more information on the Equity Scorecard page of OEI Connect, sign in using StarID@MinnState.edu.