Chief Financial and Facilities Officers Orientation Information


The following is an overview of the System Office Finance Division and its three primary work units, Financial Planning and Analysis, Facilities and Financial Reporting.

Finance Division

  1. Principles & Expectations(.pdf)
    between the Board of Trustees/ Chancellor/ Presidents
  2. Delegation/Recission of Authority Form
  3. Finance Division Senior Staff Biographies
  4. Finance Division Organizational Charts
  5. Board Policy & Procedures
  6. Systemwide Strategic Plan -- Biennial Cyclical Timeline
  7. Financial Health and Compliance Indicators

Facilities Unit

  1. Capital Budget Information
  2. Revenue Fund Overview

Financial Planning and Analysis Unit

  1. Biennial Legislative Request
  2. Systems Operating Budget
  3. Allocation Framework
  4. Enrollment
  5. Tuition & Fees

Financial Reporting Unit

  1. Campus Assistance Team Contacts
    A list of who to contact with accounting and procedural questions.
  2. Year End Audited Financial Statements
  3. Code of Conduct Guidelines for Finance Officials
  4. Financial Trends and Highlights
    Guidelines for Audited Institutions
    Guidelines for Non-Audited Institutions