Accounting Systems

SWIFT Conversion Information

System Organization

The Minnesota State Colleges and Universities system uses the ISRS (Integrated Statewide Record System) to account for and initiate financial, student, and academic activity. The ISRS sends and receives data from other systems and programs such as SWIFT and SEMA4.

MnSCU Systems

ISRS is the official accounting system for the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities system and is made up of modules dedicated to higher education business processes including but not exclusive to accounts receivable, purchasing, and financial aid.

See the ITS website for Independent Study Materials (html) and ISRS Business Application intranet.

SCUPPS is the MnSCU human resource and payroll module that sends to and receives data from the State of Minnesota's SEMA4 system. SCUPPS receives payroll and business expense data from SEMA4 then tells ISRS accounting which cost centers to charge.

An in-house Accrual Module is used to compile data for the annual financial statements.

State of Minnesota Systems

SWIFT is the official accounting system for the state of Minnesota. Please visit the SWIFT web page for more information.

SEMA4 is the State's Payroll, Human Resources and Benefits System. SEMA4 stands for Statewide Employee Management System. The '4' in SEMA4 refers to: Human Resources Processing, Payroll Processing, Benefits Processing, and Reporting.

Data & information flow between systems


MnSCU Accounting transactions for state treasury accounts are interfaced to SWIFT.

Human Resources/Payroll

HR data is entered into SCUPPS, then interfaced to SEMA4. Payroll hours are entered into SEMA4. The resulting expense data is sent to SWIFT accounting and SCUPPS. SCUPPS tells MnSCU accounting which cost centers to post the expenses.


Purchase Orders are entered and processed in the MnSCU Purchasing Control System (PCS). Vendor data is downloaded from SWIFT. PCS posts the encumbrances and payment vouchers in MnSCU accounting. Payment vouchers for state treasury accounts are sent to SWIFT for payment.ISRS to SWIFT Relationship

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