Withholding Child Support on Local Fund Vendor Payments

In addition to wages paid to student and state employees, payments to vendors / independent contractors may be subject to child support withholding orders.   

If your business office receives a child support withholding notice for a SWIFT vendor to which you have made local fund payments, it is the responsibility of the college/university to follow the instructions of the child support agency and withhold child support from future payments to that SWIFT vendor.  If you have questions about how much to withhold, please contact the child support agency.

When making a child support withholding payment, please note in the transaction description area the SWIFT vendor id and use the child support order number as the invoice number.  Use the same object code for the child support withholding payment as you use for the payment to the vendor. 

Report all payments that are subjected to child support withholding to Ann Page in Tax Services by the 10th of the month following payment using the Child Support Withholding Worksheet (see link below).

Withholding and reporting should continue until you are notified by the child support agency that withholding is no longer required.

Child Suport Withholding Worksheet