Form 1098-C Reporting Spreadsheet Instructions

Each college and university that receives motor vehicle, boat or airplane donations must complete the "Form 1098-C Reporting Spreadsheet" and return it to Office of the Chancellor, Tax Services on or before January 12, 2007 for calendar year 2006.

Please email your completed spreadsheet to:

The Office of the Chancellor, Tax Services will file a consolidated report for all institutions with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

Please keep the following comments in mind when completing the spreadsheet:

  1. Most of the information required on the "Form 1098-C Reporting Spreadsheet" can be taken from the institutions copy of the acknowledgement that was provided to the donor.
  2. The spreadsheet must contain the requested contact information of the individual completing it.
  3. The spreadsheet is a "calendar year" spreadsheet (not fiscal year).
  4. In completing the spreadsheet, follow the IRS required date formats as indicated on the spreadsheet. For example, in the column entitled "Date Contributed to College/Univ." June 3, 2006 would be entered as 20060603, not 2006/06/03.
  5. The identification number provided by the donor must be entered in the column "Donor 1 Federal ID#" (i.e., the Donor 1 Federal Id# column can not be blank). Please indicate "Yes" if the identification number provided is an employer identification number (i.e., not an individual social security number or individual taxpayer identification number).
  6. Please complete only one of the following columns: 1) "Sold," 2) "Used," OR 3) "Material Repairs." Note: If gross proceeds from the sale of the donated item are $500 or less, then it is not reportable on Form 1098-C.
  7. Note: IRS guidance explains that the intended "Duration of Use" should be for at least one year or more in order to certify the "Use" acknowledgement.
  8. Please read the questions asked in the last four columns carefully (and review the examples provided).
  9. If one page is not enough to report all of your institutions donations, please copy the same format and complete additional pages.
  10. Please contact Office of the Chancellor, Tax Services Ann Page or Steve Gednalske ( with questions.