Holiday Pay Calculation for Part-Time Employees

Summary: Employees who work less than full-time shall have their holiday pay pro-rated in accordance with the applicable provisions of the appropriate collective bargaining agreements/salary plans.

The employee contracts and personnel plans set forth holiday benefits for Minnesota State College and University employees.

To be entitled to receive a paid holiday, an eligible employee must be in payroll status on the normal work day immediately preceding and the normal work day immediately following the holiday(s). Payroll status shall be defined as follows: actually working, on paid vacation, paid sick leave, compensatory time off, or on a paid leave of absence.

System Guidelines & Other Policies and Procedures: None

Forms: None

Contracts and Plans (Article/Section references):
AFSCME: Article 7, Section 7, MnSCU Supplemental, Part 1, Item 13, and Appendix B and B1

Classified Managerial Plan: Article 3 and Appendix F

Commissioner's Plan: Article 3 and Appendix D

MAPE: Article 11, Section 4, MnSCU Supplemental, Section X, Part A, and Appendix B

MMA: Article 9, Section 4 and Appendix B

MNA: Article 6, Section 5, Appendix A and A1

MSUAASF: Article 17

Personnel Plan for Administrators: Section 1.05 and Appendix A

Laws: None

Other References: None

MnSCU System Office Contact:
Classified contracts and plans: See contact list.  

MSUAASF: Jim Jorstad, 651/201-1448,

Personnel Plan for MnSCU Administrators: Chris Dale, 651/201-1834,