Initial salary placement - MSUAASF Employees

Summary: Step placement for new MSUAASF members is determined by the number of years of creditable experience the individual has, as well as the number of years the individual has spent previously in a MSUAASF or a MnSCU Academic Professional, Academic Supervisor, or Administrator position assigned to the same or a higher salary range.

Current classified employees whose positions are recompared to a MSUAASF position have their initial salary placement in the appropriate MSUAASF range determined by the compensation provisions of DOER's Administrative Procedure 15.6, Transfers and Demotions. Promotions under this determination are treated for salary purposes as a reassignment under the MSUAASF Contract.

System Guidelines & Other Policies and Procedures: none
Contracts and Plans (Article/Section references):
MSUAASF: Article 12, Section F

Other References:

MSUAASF Initial Hire Salary Placement 

MSUAASF New Hires Guidelines for Calculation of Creditable Experience 

Creditable Work Experience worksheet

MSUAASF Salary Placement Grid for FY21 (effective 7/1/20)


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