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Summary:  The initial salary placement is an evaluation of in field degrees and/or credits to determine column placement and an evaluation of relevant work experience to determine step placement on the salary schedule.  The final salary evaluation is completed by the MnSCU System Office - HR Division.  The salary schedule consists of 5 columns.  Each column contains between 12 and 20 steps.  

Step Placement:

Step placement is evaluated at the college level by counting all relevant work experience.   Teaching experience* counts on a 1:1 academic year basis, no more than 1.0 FTE will count in any year nor equate to more than one step.  Other relevant work experience counts on a 1:1 12-month year basis.  Less than full-time work experience shall be pro-rated and aggregated as appropriate.  Faculty with at least one year of experience will be placed on step 02.  The aggregate sum of experience shall be rounded up to the next salary step, e.g. 3.25 years = step 04.

*All grades 7 through post secondary teaching experience regardless of discipline shall count.  Exception: effective 7/1/04 credit for elementary teaching experience will count as relevant experience only for instructors in reading, child development and education areas.  

Column Placement:

Column placement is evaluated by the MnSCU System Office - HR Division based on the evaluation of official transcripts to determine in field degrees and/or credits awarded by an accredited institution.  An average grade of "B" is required. 

Initial salary placement shall not exceed the following step limits:

Column I - step 13, Column II - step 11, Column III - step 09, Column IV - step 08, Column V - step 07.  At the initiation of the college administration an exception to the step limits may be requested to the System Directors of Employee and Labor Relations and MSCF.

Salary placement is managed online through Employee Home at:

Contracts and Plans (Article/Section references):
MSCF:  Article 13, Wages; Section 1 and 2.

MnSCU System Office Contacts:

Toni Munos, 651-201-1844 or
Faith Latimer, 651-201-1835 or