Summary: The Federal Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) and some collective bargaining agreements/compensation plans require that certain categories of employees receive additional compensation for additional hours of work. FLSA provisions for payment of overtime differ from the provisions of collective bargaining agreements and may be particularly complex in situations where employees have two or more concurrent appointments with one or more appointing authorities.

System Guidelines & Other Policies and Procedures:

Forms: Time sheets and overtime authorization forms, as prescribed by the appointing authority.

Contracts and Plans (Article/Section references):
AFSCME: Article 6

Classified Managerial Plan: Chapter 2

Commissioner's Plan: Chapter 2

MAPE: Article 27

MMA: Article 11

MNA: Article 4

MSUAASF: Article 11

Laws: Federal Statutes: 29 U.S.C. Section 201 et. Seq. (Federal Fair Labor Standards Act.)

Other References: U.S. Department of Labor Regulations 29 C.F.R., Chapter V, FLSA Advisor (online compliance guide)

Human Resources Standard Reports:

List of Employees With More Than One Active Appointment by Business Unit/HR Processing Unit - PDHP6609

FLSA Status and Overtime Hours Paid Report - PFHP5005

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