Use of Volunteers


Many campuses utilize the services of volunteers for various activities, from coaching to providing campus tours and working at a variety of campus events.  Volunteers perform supplemental tasks and are not to be used to eliminate the need for, or take the place of, paid staff.

System Guidelines & Other Policies and Procedures:

MnSCU Board Procedure #4.0.1, Use of Volunteers Procedure

MnSCU Board Procedure #5.19.3 (Travel Management)

Certain volunteers may be subject to background checks under Personnel Guidelines:
Kari Koskinen Manager Background Check Act, #FSR0002 (password protected)
Psychotherapist Checks under M.S. Chapter 148A, #FSR0003 (password protected)

College and Universities may have developed additional campus policies and procedures with regard to the use of volunteers.

Contracts and Plans: 



Volunteer Coaching Release of Liability Form


Minnesota Statutes, section 3.736 outlines liability and indemnification for volunteers who act in good faith and within the scope of the volunteer assignment.

Department of Labor:

For employees who may volunteer for other assignments on campus, the Department of Labor (DOL) provides an online field guide that may be of use in determining whether an employer-employee relationship exists (and may thus be subject to payment of overtime), or if the volunteer assignment is not subject to such provisions:

DOL Field Operations Handbook

System Office Contact:

Sue Appelquist