Additional Information Schedules

Schedule 1-1 Incumbent Workforce Training Sample Course Offerings

Schedule 1-2 Total Labor Costs

Schedule 1-3 Faculty/Instructional Labor Costs

Schedule 2-1 Customized Training Network Strategic Planning

Schedule 2-2 MnSCU Customized Training Network Leadership Structure Design

Schedule 2-3 Organizational Structure at Institutions

Schedule 2-4 Participants in Regional Consortiums

Schedule 2-5 Non-Profit Centers Created by Institutions

Schedule 3-1 Revenue Reported and Clients Served

Schedule 3-2 Minnesota Job Skills Partnership Grants

Schedule 3-3 Customized Training Network Semi-Annual Performance Report Form

Schedule 3-4 Customized Training Network FY 99 Funding Summary for FY 98 Activity

Schedule 3-5 Customized Training Network FY 00 Funding Summary for FY 99 Activity

Schedule 3-6 FY00 Distribution Plan for $2.5 Million Appropriated for Customized Training by the 1999 Legislature

Schedule 3-7 Distribution of FY00 $2.5 Million in New Funds for Customized Training

Schedule 3-8 FY00 Funded Continuing Education Units Allocation Based on FY 98 Activity

Schedule 4-1 Institution and System Office Contacts

Schedule 4-2 On-line Courses Offered at MnSCU Institutions

Schedule 4-3 Orientation Process Best Practices

Schedule 4-4 Customized Training MAPE Bonuses

Schedule 4-5 MnSCU Standard Course Fees Charged