Question: I’m still in school. Why am I getting a bill?
Answer:If you continue to be at least a half–time student you probably can get your payments deferred. Payments are due until you are actually back in school. You should complete the student deferment form (certified by your school) and return to us immediately.
Question: Doesn’t SallieMae (Norwest, etc.) handle all of my student loans?
Answer: No. Campus based loans are owed to the College or University that you received the money from. Campus based loans would be: Perkins, Nursing or an institution loan. Check with your Financial Aid Office to determine who your lender is.
Question: How am I supposed to pay this loan when I don't have a job?
Answer: You should contact the Student Loan Service Center immediately to work out arrangements to defer your loan until you are re–employed. Avoiding this debt will only make it worse. The SLSC is here to work with you during difficult times.
Question: When is my first loan payment due?
Answer: You may have a period of time called a “grace period” before your first payment is due. Please call the SLSC to get this information.
Question: What date is my monthly payment due?
Answer: Payments are always due on the first business day of each month.
Question: Can I change my due date?
Answer: No, all payments are due on the first business day of the month but you may send your payment early.
Question: Why is there a late charge on my statement?
Answer: Even though payments are due on the first business day of the month, statements are not run until approximately the tenth day of the next month. If you fail to get your payment to us by that time, a late fee is assessed to your account. You will also be assessed the late fee if a form is received late.
Question: How can I make my payments when you were sending my bill to the wrong address?
Answer: It is the responsibility of the borrower to keep us informed of your current mailing address. Failure to do so will result in your account becoming past–due and being assessed late fees and possibly being sent to a collection agency. So PLEASE, keep us informed.
Question: Will past due payments really show up on my credit report?
Answer: Yes, we report monthly to two national credit bureaus. This is a history of your paying habits, so pay promptly to avoid any negative reporting.
Question: What is my account number?
Answer: Your account number is your social security number.