3.6 Student Conduct - History

Board Policies
Chapter 3 - Educational Policies

Date of Adoption: 05/16/95
Date of Implementation: 07/01/95
Date of Last Review: 01/27/21

Date & Subject of Amendments:

01/27/21 – Replaced “avenue of appeal” with “appeal process” in Part 3 and made several technical edits.

05/18/16 - Amended to change “code of student conduct” to “student code of conduct” so the name is consistent with other types of codes of conduct. Applied the new formatting and writing styles which resulted in multiple technical edits.

12/7/05 - some procedural language moved into a newly created Procedure 3.6.1. Policy was amended to change language from a judicial context to a student development context. New language requires that students be informed of the student conduct code and the policy authorizes the creation of a procedure. The proposed procedure adds clarifying language, deletes unnecessary language, and changes language to be consistent with a student development model. deleted Part 1 Definitions, deleted Part 3 Contents of Code of Student Conduct, deleted Part 4 Process, deleted Part 6 Summary Suspensions. Created new Part 4 Procedures.

4/29/98 - amendments regarding "hazing"