3.30 Program Advisory Committees - History

Board Policies
Chapter 3 - Educational Policies

Date of Adoption: 06/14/05
Date of Implementation: 06/14/05
Date of Last Review: 06/22/22

Date & Subject of Amendments:

06/22/2022 – Reviewed as part of the 5 year review process. Deleted “College” from title because policy is expanding to include university program advisory committees. In Part 2, deleted “college” definition and added “programs” definition. In Part 3, Subp. B, updated who may be a member of a committee, and in Subp. C, added the last three bullets. In Part 4, added this new section to mirror Part 3.

05/18/16 - Amended Part 2 to make the definitions more precise. Amended Part 3 to add new Subparts A, B, and C. Deleted Part 4 Oversight and Accountability. Applied the new formatting and writing styles which resulted in multiple technical edits.

3/17/10 - Amends all previous language.