Procedure 5.18.1 Alcohol Use and Controlled Substances on Campus

System Procedures
Chapter 5 - Administration

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for Board Policy 5.18

Part 1. Criteria/Definitions. The one-time (single event) use of alcohol or 3.2% malt liquor (beer) at specific college or university events shall be allowed under the following criteria: Compliance with local ordinances and state law with regard to licensing of the event; providing adequate dram shop/public liquor liability insurance; and such other details regarding sponsorship and nature of the event as may be determined by the chancellor or president to be necessary before granting authority for the event to proceed. Specifically, the chancellor or president shall ensure that the following minimum criteria are met:

(a) Liability and Indemnification: Any person (or group) possessing, using, consuming, selling, bartering, or furnishing any alcoholic beverages or 3.2% malt liquor upon the premises or grounds of a state college or university assumes all risk and liability for damage and injuries to persons and/or property which in any way results from such possession, use, consumption, sale, barter or furnishing of alcoholic beverages or 3.2% malt liquor.

(b) Insurance: All groups which serve, sell, barter, or furnish any alcoholic beverage or 3.2% malt liquor pursuant to Minn. Stat. Chapter 340A shall provide evidence of liability insurance as specified by the college or university that names the State of Minnesota, the Board of Trustees of the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities, the college or university, the officers, agents, employees, and students as the insured.

(c) Campus Policies Governing Alcoholic Beverage or 3.2 Malt Liquor Events: Possession, consumption or distribution of alcoholic beverages or 3.2% malt liquor are subject to all state college or university policies. The policies shall specify the limitations on the place and circumstances under which alcohol or 3.2 % malt liquor may be served. Permission of the college or university president is required before such an event may take place. [Until such time as the college or university regulations have been promulgated, permission to allow events where alcoholic beverages or 3.2% malt liquor is served shall be within the president's discretion.]

(d) Legal Age: It shall be unlawful for any person under the legal age as specified by Minnesota statutes to have in his or her possession any alcoholic beverage or 3.2% malt liquor upon the premises or grounds of a state college or university or at institution-sponsored off-campus events.

(e) Licensing: Where required by the local municipality, the campus will assure that all licensing requirements have been met.

(f) State Funds: No state funds may be used to purchase alcoholic or 3.2 malt liquor beverages, insurance, or be used in connection with the service of these beverages.

Part 2. Delegation to the President. The chancellor delegates to each college or university president authority to approve use of alcohol at specific campus events on campus or at college or university sponsored events off campus consistent with Board Policy 5.18 and these procedures.

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Procedure History:

Date of Adoption: 10/10/02
Date of Implementation: 10/10/02
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07/27/09 - The procedure was reviewed and no amendments were made.

06/21/00 - Contains language formerly in system procedure 1A.9.1

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