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NextGen at Minnesota State

NextGen is the Minnesota State process to create a new technology landscape to support students, faculty, and staff at our 33 state colleges and universities across Minnesota. 

Minnesota State is committed to identifying and deploying a commercial modern technology solution that meets the needs of today’s students and campuses. It will link all 54 campuses and will serve as a unified administrative technology system that improves the student experience and streamlines enterprise-wide business processes in student services, finance, and human resources. 

Here, members of the public are invited to learn more about the NextGen Project and its progress...

2020 Minnesota State NextGen Supplemental Budget Request (PDF)

Imagining the Possibilities with a Modern Technology Solution

NextGen will play a critical role in the ability of Minnesota State faculty and staff to increase the success of our students at every step on their higher education journey – from application to graduation and beyond.

The NextGen Project strives to:

  • Provide a seamless experience for students across the Minnesota State system, regardless of the Minnesota State institution attended.
  • Provide technology that integrates and personalizes the student engagement on and off-campus.
  • Enable the use of analytics to guide students through their education, and tracking status towards completion--ensuring students are enrolled in the right courses based on their major and are being successful at meeting their goals.
  • Enable communications at every level to ensure that multiple channels of communication are used to reach each student.
  • Make college more affordable through streamlined, simplified processes that are reliable, responsive, and developed with the student in mind.
  • Use modern technology that enables personalization of the student experience.
  • Create an integrated environment to capture data and improve decision making.

Times and Technologies Have Changed

The modern technology solution to come from the NextGen Project will replace ISRS, the cornerstone data system for the colleges and universities of Minnesota State for more than 20 years. ISRS was originally developed by in-house information technology professionals to meet the needs of Minnesota’s state colleges and universities after merging as a single system.

Campus needs grew over the decades and ISRS grew to meet those needs. Today nearly 400,000 students, faculty, and staff use ISRS, but the architecture undergirding ISRS is rapidly growing obsolete.

The time has come for Minnesota State to transition to a new system.

Minnesota State is conducting a Request For Proposal (RFP) to acquire a commercial modern technology solution to support students, faculty and staff. The RFP has been published on the Minnesota State vendor page and the Minnesota State Register.

 Read more about the RFP process here.

NextGen project updates will be communicated publicly at Minnesota State Board of Trustees meetings and streamed on the web. Board of Trustees presentations on NextGen will be posted here: 

If you have feedback or questions for the NextGen Team, email