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Northland Community and Technical College Summer Camps

Academic Camps

Cryptology Camp - Coding/Decoding Messages

This is a great camp for the non-math-lover. Students from age 14 and up will have a fun time learning about cryptology in this week long (Monday-Thursday) immersive Math Camp. Lunch will be provided and students will be introduced to the magic of matrices and the imaginative possibilities math provides in coding and decoding messages. (Basic multiplication and addition skills will be used). Participants must register by June 10, 2024.


Liberal Arts Liftoff

An evening event targeting high school students and recent high school graduates. This event will be from 4-6pm, and will include: three or four 20-minute classes to introduce participants to a themed idea that crosses disciplines, large group Q&A, Student services & Advising sessions to receive help with completing the FAFSA and other enrollment tasks, and pizza will be served after the large group Q&A.

  • Dates: August 15
  • Ages: Entering grades 9-12 and recent high school graduates
  • Camp Focus: College Readiness
  • Contact: Marnie Glazier,  



This immersive experience will explore the variety of careers in Health and Human Services and give participants a glimpse of what a day as a healthcare and human services professional might be like. Perform hands-on procedures in our state-of-the-art specialized Health and Human Services labs.