1A.2 Board of Trustees - History

Board Policies
Chapter 1 - System Organization and Administration
Section A - System & Office Operations

Date of Adoption: 3/21/95
Date of Implementation: 3/21/95
Date of Last Review: 03/16/22

Date & Subject of Amendments:

6/22/22 - Amended Part 5. Standing Committees, Committees, and Working Groups of the Board to reflect the merger of the Finance and Facilities Committees into a single combined committee.

3/16/22 - Part 4, Subpart B Terms of Office was amended. In Part 5. Standing Committees, Committees, and Working Groups of the Board. Subpart E. Audit Committee, language updated to 'chief audit officer'.

03/17/21 – In part 5, changed the name of Human Resources Committee to Workforce and Organizational Effectiveness Committee and created a new Part I. Outreach and Engagement Committee. Other technical edits throughout.

08/31/18 – Finance and Facilities Committee was separated into two committees, created a new Part G. Facilities Committee. Added new Part H. Nominating Committee and new Part I. Ad hoc committees and working groups. Subpart E. Elections of Officers was also amended. There were numerous technical edits throughout and applied the new formatting and writing styles to the entire policy.

03/16/16 - Amended Part 5 to update the responsibilities of the standing committees. Formatting changes throughout the policy.

01/22/14 - Amended Part 5, Subpart E1 to remove the restriction that independent audit firms may not be appointed to a particular engagement for more than six consecutive years.

06/20/12 - Amended Part 4 to, among other things, better define the duties of the Chair and Vice Chair of the Board, and the chair of the finance and facilities committee shall now serve as treasurer. Amended Part 5 to, among other things, limit the size of committees to no more than seven members, changed the name of the Diversity and Multiculturalism committee to Diversity and Equity, and eliminated the Advancement committee and the Technology committee.

05/19/10 - Amended to reflects statutory changes and policy references. Added new Part H to recreate a standing Technology Committee, and removes technology from the Finance and Facilities Committee. Amended officer's term to takes effect on July 1, changes the annual meeting to June and clarifies closed session meetings.

05/20/09 - Amended Part 4, Subpart B to change the number of consecutive terms a board officer may serve from two terms to three terms and also allows a newly elected officer to take office immediately if his or her successor is no longer in the position.

10/31/07 - Amended Part 5, changed the names of several committees, combined the Finance/Facilities and the Technology Committee, and lowered the minimum required members of the Audit Committee.

07/18/07 - Amended Part 5, Subpart A to between five and seven members.

01/17/07 - Deletes Part 3, Subpart B. Deletes in its entirety subpart that includes optional delegation clauses. Retention and inclusion of the subpart creates an inconsistency if the proposed amendment to policy 1A.3 is adopted

10/19/05 - Added Subpart H - Diversity and Multiculturalism Committee. Other technical changes were made.

06/15/05 - Amended Part 5, Subpart E requires annual training for committee members, and includes committee's responsibilities for independent auditors.

05/19/04 - Amended Part 4, Subpart C to allow the Chair to assign matters to committees, if they do not already fall within the described duties of a committee or they belong to more than one committee. Also, the annual Board operations budget and increases shall be recommend to the Executive committee for approval. Amended Part 5, Subpart A Executive committee duties

05/21/03 - Deletes Part 7. Language now appears in Policy 1C.1 Part 2.

10/16/02 - Amends Part 4, Subpart A. - deletes "secretary" and adds "treasurer." Last sentence deleted. Subpart C - deletes number 3. Adds Subpart F.

04/17/02 - Amends Part 5, Subpart C. - Changes the name of the Personnel Policy Committee to the Human Resources Policy Committee

10/17/01 - Amended Part 4, Subpart C.1. - allows the chair to approve or disapprove requests by the Chancellor to accept reimbursement from outside sources. Amended Part 5, by changing the membership of the Executive Committee, and adding two new standing committees: Advancement and Technology.

06/20/01 - Amended Part 2 changing "State Managerial Plan" language to "Commissioner's Plan."

12/19/00 - Added Part 7. Individual Trustee Responsibilities

11/15/00 - Added Consent Agenda, Part 6, Subpart C, number 3;

10/18/00 - Part 4. Officers of the Board, Subpart B. Terms of Office, and Subpart D. Election of Officers, and Part 6. Subpart A. Types of Meetings. 1. Annual Meeting.

03/22/00 - Amended Part 4; inserted new paragraph in Part 5.

12/15/99 - Amended Part 2, changes made to Per diem and expense reimbursements.

12/16/98 - Amended policy by changing the name from Closed Session Meetings; Deleted the first paragraph; Added Parts 1-6.