1A.3 System Administration, Chancellor - History

Board Policies
Chapter 1 - System Organization and Administration
Section A - System & Office Operations

Date of Adoption: 5/17/94
Date of Implementation: 5/17/94
Date of Last Review:

Date & Subject of Amendments:

11/18/14 - Amends Part 1, Subp A to be consistent with the MnSCU Personnel Plan for Administrators. Amends Part 3 to establish a Chancellor Performance Review committee and outlines their responsibilities.

01/17/07 - Adds Part 4, Delegation. Automatically delegates to the Chancellor, as chief executive officer of Minnesota State Colleges and Universities, full authority to take actions required for the system to function properly.

9/17/03 - Amended the policy to reflect the following: 1. The chair of the board appoints the members of the ad hoc assessment committee; and 2. the executive director of the Office of Internal Auditing will compile the assessment surveys.

12/16/98 - Amendment to delete Part 1; Added new Part 1 language; Delete Part 2, Subpart A; Added new Part 2 language.

11/18/98 - Amendment made to move actions pertaining to "presidents" into new policy 4.2