1A.11 College and University Names and Permanent Locations - History

Board Policies
Chapter 1 - System Organization and Administration
Section A - System & Office Operations

Date of Adoption: 09/17/08
Date of Implementation: 09/17/08
Date of Last Review:

Date & Subject of Amendments:

05/23/22 – Deleted the individual references to the five colleges that make up the Northeast Higher Education District.

03/16/22 – The Board of Trustees approve the reorganization and consolidation of Hibbing Community College, Itasca Community College, Mesabi Range College, Rainy River Community College, and Vermilion Community College, resulting in the Northeast Higher Education District becoming the sole HLC-accredited entity and operating henceforth as a single unified college with six branch campuses. The merged institution will operate under the name “Minnesota North College” starting May 23, 2022.

01/27/21 – The Board approved a name change for Northeast Higher Education District (NHED) Consolidation to Minnesota North College. The new name will take effect upon completion of the merger of the five colleges into a single accredited institution (anticipated for fall of 2022).

06/22/16 – The Board of Trustees approved a name change from Minnesota State College – Southeast Technical to Minnesota State College - Southeast.

01/22/14 - Amended Part 1 to change the name of Pine Technical College to Pine Technical and Community College, and Mesabi Range Community and Technical College to Mesabi Range College.

06/16/10 - Amended Part 1 to change the name of Alexandria Technical College to Alexandria Technical and Community College, as per Policy 3.23.

01/20/10 - Amended Part 1 to change the name of St. Cloud Technical College to St. Cloud Technical and Community College, as per Policy 3.23.