2.2 State Residency Requirements - History

Board Policies
Chapter 2 - Students

Policy History:

Date of Adoption: 07/18/95
Date of Implementation: 08/15/97
Date of Last Review: 06/22/22

Date & Subject of Amendments:

06/22/22 – Reviewed as part of the 5 year review process, the amendment relocates information from the Part 1 Purpose section to the new Part 2 Background Information section. In Part 5, Subp. B the list of discretionary exceptions allowing students to be charged the resident tuition rate was expanded to include dislocated workers, students who are homeless, students who are or participated in foster care, and emancipated students.

3/20/19 - Amended Part 4, Subpart A1, added language to comply with federal statutes that provide educational benefits to military personnel, veterans, and their eligible family members. Technical changes were made and the new writing and formatting styles were applied to the policy.

5/20/15 - Amended Part 4, Subpart A1, by adding language reflecting current practice of charging veterans and family members the resident tuition rate when eligible under the Post-9/11 GI Bill, Montgomery GI Bill, or Marine Gunnery Sergeant John David Fry Scholarship.

3/19/14, Amended to add Part 4, Subpart A6, Prosperity Act

5/22/13, Amended Part 2A requires that residency in the state cannot be for the sole purpose of attending a college or university. Amended Part 4, Subpart A to provide for possible changes in future legislative or congressional action. Amended Part 4, Subpart A1 to clarify intent and simplify language.

9/17/08 - Policy completely revised. New sections developed for classification of residents and non-residents, appropriate tuition rates, exceptions and appeals. Process used to determine residency moved to a new system procedure.

7/21/99 - Subpart C, added number 8, regarding military personnel serving on active duty assignment in Minnesota

12/18/96 - Part 1, Stricken language, Part 2A, Strict Definition of Domicile, Add Part 2C, Exceptions, Part 3, Stricken.