2.6 Intercollegiate Athletics - History

Board Policies
Chapter 2 - Students

Date of Adoption: 05/16/95
Date of Implementation: 07/01/95
Date of Last Review: 05/22/24

Date & Subject of Amendments:

05/22/24 – Full review, reorganized current language, created an introductory paragraph for Part 1 and new Part 1, Subpart B, and deleted “Gender” from the title in Part 2 Heading.

04/22/20 – Replaced “institution’s” with “college’s or university’s” in Part 1 and applied new writing and formatting styles.

5/20/15 - Amended Part 2 to encompass all gender identities and expressions of students. Editorial amendments throughout.

03/17/10 - Amends part 1 clarifying that Board approval is required in order to add a sport at the Division 1 level. Amends Part 3 to require student athletes to have adequate health insurance.

12/17/03 - Deleted Part 1. Definitions, Subparts A and B; clarified conference and division membership by colleges and universities (Part 2) and renumbered to Part 1; amended language in Part 3. and renumbered to Part 2.; deleted Part 4.