3.24 College or University Type and Mission, and System Mission - History

Board Policies
Chapter 3 - Educational Policies

Policy History:

Date of Adoption: 6/16/99
Date of Implementation: 7/01/99
Date of Last Review: 5/16/18

Date & Subject of Amendments:

05/16/18 - Policy was reviewed and amended throughout to provide more concise language. Applied the new formatting and writing styles which resulted in multiple technical edits.

05/22/13 - Changed the policy title from System and College and University Missions. Amended policy to remove the five-year mission review requirement for system institutions and the associated report on alignment of college and university missions and visions. Other changes to the policy include refinements to better delineate the requirements of a change in institution type (mission) and to align the requirements for mission approval with the Higher Learning Commission criteria for accreditation.

04/21/10 - Changed Institutional to College and University in the Policy title as well as throughout the policy. Added part 1 Purpose, Part 2 Definitions, and Part 5 Academic Award. Other amendments to ensure that college missions and visions clearly reflect the priorities set in state law and decisions of the Board of Trustees.