3.36 Academic Programs - History

Board Policies
Chapter 3 - Educational Policies

Date of Adoption: 6/20/07
Date of Implementation: 8/01/07
Date of Last Review: 6/19/19

Date & Subject of Amendments:

06/19/19 – In Part 2, updated the academic program goals, In part 6, added “Colleges and universities shall only offer academic programs that are approved by the chancellor and recorded in the academic program inventory.”, and applied the new writing and formatting styles.

3/19/14 - Amended Part 2, Subpart D, to revise the definition of credit and amended Part 7 to remove language regarding annual academic program review summary reports to the chancellor.

11/16/11 - Amends Part 1 to include foundational language that specifically reflects legislation found in State Higher Education Objectives, Budget Priorities, Powers and Duties, Missions, Courses and Programs, and Education Priorities. Amends Part 5 to require that the annual academic program status report to the Board include data and analysis of programs measured against program goals established by the Chancellor.

1/21/09 -Amends Part 2, Subp. B to require undergraduate degree programs to include a general education component. Adds Part 3, Subp C, Academic Program Credit Length Limits.

6/20/07 - Repealed the following policies:

3.2 - Academic Program Inventory
3.10 - Academic Program Review
3.12 - Academic Program Suspension and Reinstatement and Closure
3.14 - Academic Program Approval
Procedure 3.14.1 - Addressing Transfer in Approval of New Programs
3.17 - Degrees, Diplomas and Certificates
Procedure 3.17.1 - Degrees, Diplomas and Certificates
3.19 - Academic Program Redesign.
3.20 - Academic Program Replication or Relocation.
3.25 - Degree Granting Authority.