6.9 Capital Planning

Board Policies
Chapter 6 - Facilities Management

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Part 1. Policy Statement
In order to make effective strategic capital investments in academic, student life, housing, athletic, and other facilities and related real estate and infrastructure, Minnesota State shall engage in comprehensive planning that integrates academic plans and forecasts, financial stewardship, and student needs.

Part 2. Responsibilities

Subpart A. The chancellor shall:
  1. Establish procedures for developing college and university comprehensive facilities plans;
  2. Develop and recommend for board approval capital funding guidelines for system facilities and real property; and
  3. Make recommendations to the board for approval of capital investments for:
    1. Academic facility projects and asset preservation by the State of Minnesota;
    2. Residential life and auxiliary facility projects funded through revenue fund bond sales; and
    3. Projects funded with college or university funds or projects funded with other public or private funds.
Subpart B. College and university presidents shall:
  1. Develop and maintain comprehensive facilities plans and provide for student involvement in the planning process;
  2. Advance for approval candidate capital projects consistent with board-approved guidelines; and
  3. Advocate for the board-approved capital funding priorities as the priorities of the entire system.
Part 3. Accountability/Reporting
Periodic reports will be presented to the board on the status of capital planning and management of the system facilities and real property.

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