6.10 Design and Construction

Board Policies
Chapter 6 - Facilities Management

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Part 1. Policy Statement
Minnesota State strives to provide high quality spaces that advance academic programs and are reflective of sound stewardship, sustainably designed, complementary of campus and regional architectural themes, affordably built and efficient to operate.

Part 2. Responsibilities

Subpart A. The chancellor shall establish design and construction procedures, standards, and oversight practices that ensure delivery of this policy and ensure compliance with applicable federal and state statutes and local rules and policies.
Subpart B. College and university presidents shall adhere to this policy and the supporting procedures and standards, regardless of fund source.
Part 3. Accountability/Reporting
Periodic reports will be presented to the board on the status of projects within the capital improvement program.

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Date of Implementation: 01/25/17
Date of Adoption: 01/25/17
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