System Procedure 3.6.1 Student Conduct - History

System Procedures
Chapter 3 - Educational Policies
Board Policy 3.3

System Procedure History:

Date of Adoption: 01/19/06
Date of Implementation: 01/19/06
Date of Last Review: 01/19/21

Date & Subject of Amendments:

01/19/21 – Removed the words “formal” and “informal to avoid confusion, deleted or replaced “accused student” with “student” or “the student whose conduct is in question”, updated the complaint investigation process language in Part 4, Subpart A to be more consistent and accurate, and made technical edits throughout the document.

11/13/19 - Added “administrator” and “advocate” definitions in Part 2, deleted or replaced outdated terminology to be more accurate and clarify the procedure, and applied the new formatting and writing styles.

01/25/11 - Amended Part 1 to require that information be given at orientation. Eliminated Part 3, Subpart A requiring a hard copy be given to students. Amended Part 3, new Subpart C requiring that suspensions and expulsions be posted on transcripts. Amended to require that information about the process and timeline be given to persons filing complaints, and that notification of complaints are consistent with state and federal privacy laws.