System Procedure 3.35.2 Credit for Prior Learning – Internal College/University Assessments - History

System Procedure History:

Date of Adoption: 10/01/18
Date of Implementation: 10/01/18
Date of Last Review: 06/26/23

Date & Subject of Amendments:

06/26/23 – Full review, the changes consisted of (a) deleting unnecessary language to streamline the procedure, (b) updating the definitions, adding definitions for CPL Xchange and the following internal assessment types – Group, Hybrid, Individualized Subject Area, Interview, Portfolio, Research Paper/Project, and Skills Demonstration, (c) adding “graduate” to increase awareness of graduate CPL, (d) adding CPL Xchange language, (e) adding language honoring a sending institution’s course equivalency determination during transfer to Part 4. (f) relocating college/university responsibilities ahead of student responsibilities and updating the language in Part 5, and (g) updating the appeals language in Part 6.

12/06/19 – Amendment relocates credit for prior learning transcription information to System Procedure 3.29.1 College and University Transcripts. Replaced the deleted language with the following sentence in Part 3, Subpart E “See System Procedure 3.29.1 College and University Transcripts, Part 5”.