Procedure 5.20.1, Special Expenses and Chancellor/Presidential Expense Allowances - History

Board Policies
Chapter 5 - Administration

Procedure History:

Date of Adoption: 7/01/98,
Date of Implementation: 7/01/98,

Date & Subject of Revisions:

1/25/12 - The Chancellor amends all current system procedures effective February 15, 2012, to change the term "Office of the Chancellor" to "system office" or similar term reflecting the grammatical context of the sentence.

11/12/10 - Language added for clarification and to promote effort to schedule events to minimize the cost of meals and related expenses. Technical changes including capitalization and elimination of acronyms

01/18/02 - Amendments throughout the procedures. Added Part 1, Authority. Added Part 2, Subpart C, #2 regarding meals and related expenses. Deleted Part 2, Subpart C, #6, d. and e. regarding annual/quarter/semester staff meetings. Added Part 2, Subpart E. Process. Added Part 3. Chancellor/Presidential Expense Allowances.

There is no additional HISTORY for Procedure 5.20.1.