Guideline Structural Burn Training

System Procedures
Chapter 5 - Administration

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Part 1. Purpose
To establish requirements for college and university fire training programs that use live fires while conducting fire suppression training that includes structures acquired by local fire departments.

Part 2. Minimum Standards
The Minnesota Board of Firefighter Training and Education Live Burn Plan, NFPA 1403-Live Fire Training Standard, and MN-OSHA Rules, Subpart L-Fire Protection are minimum standards for conducting fire suppression training with live fires. Wherever practicable, these standards should be exceeded and improved upon to enhance the safety and protection of students, program staff, the public, and associated property. After live fire training has concluded, colleges and universities will not participate in other activities such as demolition or controlled burns.

Part 3. Documentation
The following documents and forms must be used when conducting fire suppression training utilizing live fires.

Subpart A. Incident action plan
Incident Action Plans must include:

  1. Pre-fire information:
    1. A description of the activities to be conducted.
    2. Training objectives.
    3. A list of instructors and their specific assignments.
    4. A list of all other participants.
    5. Documentation of the conditions of the acquired structure, its premises, and adjacent areas prior to the training exercise.
  2. Post-fire information:
    1. Injuries and treatment.
    2. Training objectives accomplished.
    3. Documentation of the condition of the premises and adjacent area at the conclusion of the training exercise.
    4. Changes or deterioration in the structure.
    5. Documentation of unusual conditions.

Subpart B. Required permits and permissions
Required permits and permissions must include, where applicable:

  1. Written permission and documentation from owner including authorization, clear title, cancellation of insurance, and disconnection of utilities.
  2. A complete description of the anticipated condition of the acquired structure at the completion of training shall be given to the owner of record and the host fire department.
  3. Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA) authorized asbestos abatement statement.
  4. Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, Division of Forestry (DNR) Live Fire.
  5. Training Burn of Residential Structures Permit Form.
  6. Other forms required by the local jurisdiction

Subpart C. Formal transfer
Formal transfer of the property to the owner of record or hosting fire department must be completed at the conclusion of live fire training evolutions, where applicable.

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Date of Implementation: 6/16/16
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