Operating Instruction Safety Committee

System Procedures
Chapter 5 - Administration

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Part 1. Purpose
To provide the colleges and universities of Minnesota State direction regarding the creation and function of safety committees to enhance and advance the campus safety culture and to assist in complying with applicable statutory and union contract expectations and requirements.

Part 2. Safety Committee
A safety committee is an institutional forum where individual members represent their employee group(s) and their union(s). The committee shall proactively encourage and promote safety awareness and establish methods for evaluating, resolving, and communicating safety and health- related issues brought to them by campus employees and students.

Part 3. Regulatory Standards
Each campus with more than 25 employees is required to have a safety committee to comply with Minn. Stat. 182.676, MN Rules 5208.0010, 5208.0030, 5208.0040, 5208.0050, MAPE labor contract - Article 22, and AFSCME labor contract - Article 11. It is recommended that campus safety committees comply with MN Statute 182.653 A Workplace Accident and Injury Reduction (AWAIR) Program.

Part 4. Safety Committee Proceedings
Safety Committees shall:

  • Meet at least one time per quarter. Colleges and universities with multiple campuses can organize joint meetings among their campuses, and communicate via web-ex, ITV, or other virtual platforms;
  • Encourage all members or their substitute (same union/employee group) to attend all safety meetings;
  • Ensure cross-functional campus representation, management, and students;
  • Review all safety and health policies and procedures established by the campus
  • Review incidents involving injuries, illnesses, or near misses;
  • Address environmental health and safety issues and complaints in campus support services offices, maintenance, construction, learning, and living environments;
  • Maintain written meeting minutes for at least three years; and
  • Make written recommendations on behalf of the committee to campus administration.

Part 5. Safety Committee Technical Manual
Each campus shall follow instructions in the Safety Committee Technical Manual for details of guidance on committee function and operation.

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