Procedure 5.24.4 Public Access Automated External Defibrillator (AED) Devices

System Procedures
Chapter 5 - Administration

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for Board Policy 5.24

Part 1. Authority.

Board Policy 5.24 Safety and Security Compliance provides that Minnesota State Colleges and Universities is committed to creating and maintaining safe and secure environments in order to fulfill its mission of providing high quality higher education. This procedure outlines expectations for colleges and universities and the system office regarding automated external defibrillator (AED) devices utilized as publicly accessible AEDs.

Part 2. Background.

AEDs are portable electronic devices that automatically diagnose life-threatening sudden cardiac arrest and, through the application of electrical therapy, reestablish an effective cardiac rhythm. AEDs are designed to enable laypersons to, through simple audio and visual commands, administer effective treatment to a person experiencing sudden cardiac arrest. Colleges, universities, and the system office may place AEDs within their spaces for the protection of students, faculty, staff, and the general public.

Part 3. Definitions.

Applicable definitions are found in the related Guideline

Part 4. AED Program Management.

There is no obligation for colleges, universities, or the system office to place public access AEDs. If colleges, universities, or the system office decide to place a public access AED, they shall establish plans as outlined in Guideline to ensure public access AEDs are properly placed, registered, maintained, tested, and documented.

Part 5. AED Devices.

The recommendations contained in Guideline are applicable for providing public access AEDs.

Part 6. Application.

This procedure applies to colleges and universities of Minnesota State Colleges and Universities and the system office.

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  • Minnesota Statutes §403.51

Date of Adoption: 11/12/15,
Date of Implementation: 11/12/15,

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