Procedure 6.8.1 Naming Buildings, Sites and Common Areas

System Procedures
Chapter 6 - Facilities Management

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Part 1. Purpose.

The purpose of this procedure is to provide standard guidelines among all Minnesota State Colleges and Universities in naming major buildings, sites, and common areas.

Part 2. Criteria.

  1. Major buildings, sites, and common areas will not be named for individuals while they are employed by or officially involved with the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities System. These facilities may be named after such persons no earlier than one year following the conclusion of their relationship with the system.
  2. When names of individuals are used that individual should meet one of the following criteria:
    1. Former elected or appointed state government official instrumental in the development of a college, university or the system.
    2. Former member of the Board of Trustees or the college or university citizen advisory committee.
    3. A former employee who has made an outstanding contribution to the system, college or university.
    4. A citizen who has provided significant leadership for and service to the system, college or university.
    5. A graduate or former student of the college or university who has achieved distinction in scholarship, creative arts or public service.
  3. When names other than those of individuals are used, in addition to Part 2, above, the recommendation shall conform to recognized standards of propriety.
  4. The proposed building, site, or common area name should not readily lend itself to unwanted abbreviations, acronyms or nicknames.

Part 3. Consultation, Review, and Approval.

Prior to making a recommendation to the chancellor, the college or university president shall institute a process to assure broad based input into the proposed building, site, or common area name. This process shall include consultation with students, staff, community representatives, and such other representation the president deems advisable.

The recommendation which must include an explanation of the consultation and review process used shall be forwarded to the chancellor for approval.

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Procedure History:

Date of Adoption: 1/22/98,
Date of Implementation: 01/22/98,

Date & Subject of Revisions:

06/21/00 - Contains language formerly in system procedure 6.0.2

There is no additional History for Procedure 6.8.1