Procedure 7.3.17 Electronic Payments

System Procedures
Chapter 7 - General Finance Provisions

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for Board Policy 7.3

Part 1. Authority. Board Policies 1A.1 and 1A.3 delegate authority to the chancellor to develop procedures to implement policy 7.3.

Part 2. General. Use of credit cards, debit cards or check cards processed as credit cards without the use of a personal identification number, and electronic checks (also known as “e-checks” or ACH payments) for payment of obligations has gained widespread acceptance in business operations of all types. This procedure is intended to offer the convenience of electronic payment options to students and colleges and universities, and to ensure sound and reasonable management of such payment processes at a reasonable cost to all colleges and universities.

Part 3. Offering Electronic Payment Options. Colleges and universities shall offer electronic payment options to students including one or more of the following choices: credit cards, debit cards and check cards processed as credit cards, and electronic checks.

Subpart A. Web-based electronic payment. Colleges and universities shall offer students at a minimum the option of paying tuition and fees through use of a payment option accessible through the college or university web site. The college or university web site must connect through the common system-wide e-payment processor selected for this purpose.

Subpart B. Other electronic payment options. Colleges and universities may offer students the option of paying tuition and fees through other electronic payment options, such as telephone, at the cashier’s window, and so on. Colleges and universities are encouraged to interface such other electronic payment options through the common systemwide processor in order to maximize processor volume and minimize related volume-based fee rates. Use of a single processor also simplifies the processing of refunds for payments made by credit card in that such refunds must be made through both the same credit card and same merchant agreement.

Part 4. Directing Payment. Colleges and universities shall allow students making an electronic payment to direct payment to their choice of common payment groups or colleges and/or universities as identified within the payment system (e.g., tuition and fees, housing, individual customized training courses, library fines, etc.). Directing payment to certain payment groups does not eliminate the students’ obligation for payment of the other listed charges.

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Date of Implementation: 01/01/06,
Date of Adoption: 12/20/05,

Date & Subject of Revisions:

8/27/13 - Amended Part 4 to give students the option to direct payment to a particular institution.

There is no additional HISTORY for 7.3.17 at this time.