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Early Year Research and Creative Mentoring

Winona State University


The Early Year Research and Creative Mentoring Program encourages and supports active, faculty-mentored undergraduate student research and creative projects. Students in their first two-years of college work with faculty or staff mentors on these projects, offered in a variety of disciplines. These students develop an understanding and learn fundamental skills in various aspects of research and creative pursuits, which can include planning, basic principles relative to the field, critical inquiry protocols, tracking data, writing about findings or creative works, and presenting results of their work. Early year research opportunities will increase student engagement with professionals on campus and support student retention.

Type of Grant Received through Minnesota State Innovation Funding 

Pay It Forward Funding Grant – $9,978


Brett Ayers

Minnesota State faculty, staff, and administrators interested in applying for an innovation funding grant can visit the Innovation Funding SharePoint (log in using to find more information and applications.

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