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/system/asa/innovations/innovation-funding/images/keepin-it-cool.jpgsite://minnstate/system/asa/innovations/innovation-funding/images/keepin-it-cool.jpgminnstatekeepin-it-cool.jpgkeepin-it-cool.jpg28880375275Student in lab.Keepin' it Cool! Commercial Refrigeration

Keepin' it Cool! Utilizing state-of-the-art technology in commercial refrigeration

Minnesota State Community and Technical College


Keepin’ It Cool! supplied state-of-the-art equipment and advanced refrigeration training in a program that prepare students for the world of enterprise level heating and refrigeration. 

Type of Grant Received through Minnesota State Innovation Funding

Large Seed Grant – $22,700


Minnesota State faculty, staff, and administrators interested in applying for an innovation funding grant can visit the Innovation Funding SharePoint (log in using to find more information and applications.