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/system/asa/innovations/innovation-funding/images/scc.jpgsite://minnstate/system/asa/innovations/innovation-funding/images/scc.jpgminnstatescc.jpgscc.jpg26992375275South Central CollegePeer-Team Mentoring for American Indian Students

Peer-Team Mentoring Approach for American Indian Students: Enhancing Academic and Personal Skills to Promote High School Graduation and College Credentialing

South Central College


South Central College is constructing a program that pairs American Indian students attending SCC with American Indian students who are attending local area high schools. Through a peer mentoring approach, both mentors and mentees gain benefits through a relationship that builds a shared sense of growth and determination as both parties strive to succeed in their respective schools.

Type of Grant Received through Minnesota State Innovation Funding 

Small Seed Grant – $8,971


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