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/system/asa/innovations/innovation-funding/images/scsu.jpgsite://minnstate/system/asa/innovations/innovation-funding/images/scsu.jpgminnstatescsu.jpgscsu.jpg22147375275St. Cloud State University campus.Unleashing CPL at St. Cloud State University

Unleashing Credit for Prior Learning

St. Cloud State University


Students at St. Cloud State University needed more credit for prior learning (CPL) opportunities, and through South Central College’s groundbreaking work, faculty and administrators saw a path to expand CPL. Using innovation funding, St. Cloud State provided comprehensive training to several “CPL champions” who help lead the college to a more comprehensive use of CPL. Best practices from South Central College and other national leaders are included.

Type of Grant Received through Minnesota State Innovation Funding 

Pay It Forward Grant – $10,000

Minnesota State faculty, staff, and administrators interested in applying for an innovation funding grant can visit the Innovation Funding SharePoint (log in using to find more information and applications.