Frequently Asked Questions

  • The chief audit officer reports directly to the Board of Trustees through the chair of the audit committee.
  • According to board policy, Internal Auditing is a function shared with the Chancellor and the presidents
  • Internal Auditing is intended to complement, and not replace, other services available either on campuses or in the system office.

  • Internal Auditing staff understand the unique needs of individual institutions and have developed on-going working relationships with Minnesota State personnel.
  • Institutions are not charged for services provided by internal auditing staff. Incidental costs may be addressed on specific projects.

  • Results of services requested by the audit committee are reported to the trustees. Copies of these reports are distributed to management as appropriate.
  • The results of other requested services are distributed in accordance with pre-established agreements.
  • State law and board policy governs distribution of fraud inquiry and investigation reports.