Fraud Awareness Information

Relevant Minnesota Statutes

Minnesota State Colleges and Universities Board Policy 1C.2 - Fraudulent or Other Dishonest Acts derives its authority from the following State statutes.

To view any of the following related statutes, go to the Revisor's website. You can conduct a search from this site by typing in the statute number. (Minnesota State Legislature; Minnesota Statutes, Session Laws, and Rules).

  • 10.47 Telephone service; oversight.
  • 43A.38 Code of ethics for employees in the executive branch.
  • 43A.39 Compliance with law.
  • 609.456 Reporting to state auditor and legislative auditor required.

Although the following six State statutes do not have reporting requirements, they are closely correlated to and provide further clarification of MS 43A.39 and MS 609.456.

  • 43A.32 Political activities.
  • 16A.138 Officials not to exceed appropriation.
  • 16A.139 Misappropriation of money.
  • 15.43 Acceptance of advantage by state employee; penalty.
  • 15.054 Public employees not to purchase merchandise from governmental agencies; exceptions; penalty.
  • 13.09 Penalties

The following three Minnesota statutes are related to evidence gathering.

  • 13.392 Internal auditing data.
  • 181.932 Disclosure of information by employees.
  • 13.04 Subd. 2 Rights of subjects data. Information required to be given individual.